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Narayana Art: Original Art For Sale "The Narayana
From the timeless beginnings of the cycles of birth and death of universes there emerges from the dust of the Cosmos and the formation of suns and planets, through the pathways of evolution, sentient beings. With these beings begins the development of mind, first as individuals and then through their collective efforts the development of a new, synthetic intelligence which becomes the Universal Mind - Narayana. The new mind sets to exploring and developing the Universe that gave rise to it until the time comes for it to create a new Universe and so begin a new cycle.

These images are the work of primitive intelligence, like cave paintings on the entrance ways to the mind of Narayana in its early development. From caveman to modern man, the development of art and mind continues."
"Preamble and Introduction
Where does art begin and where does it separate from the rest of the natural phenomena of the Universe?

This work is the commencement of an exploration of the basics of pattern and form generated by mathematical and logical procedures, as it can be represented through the media of the computer screen and the electronic printer. Herein are the fractals generated by the repetitive processing of complex numbers, patterns generated by borrowing the idea of cellular growth from nature, reflections and rotations, random patches and blobs of colour generated by aggregating random points of colour, irregular zones generated by the interaction of relative positions of points, attractor patterns generated by the parsing of trigonometric cyclical functions, cyclical periodicity generated by the imagined rotation of wheels within wheels and the generation of three D surfaces by rotation and progression.

Operating behind these patterns are the basic principles of periodicity, randomness, order and chaos, colour and tone and the use of computer programs to generate them. It is not only this universe that can be simulated on the computer, but also other universes with their own elements and associations. Here art mingles with mathematics and logic and the essences of process mingle with technique and application. This is likely an infinite realm of exploration and we now have the tools to explore patches of it, whether systematically or by dint of curiosity. Here, the generation of a particular image is not so much a matter of specific application as it is the generation of a whole class of images from which we extract one or two images as samples. The process is as much a matter of exploration as it is representation. This is a new set of journeys into realms that are doubtless larger than the cosmos that contains us as it is explored by telescopes.

We are also free to make use of images from our own universe and to blend these in with the novel universes as we see fit, in this way enabling the more poetic lilt of art to influence our productions."
Narayana Framed Wall Art Credits
Davie Hunt - Graphic ideas and artistic enthusiasm
David Warner - Website design and support through
Ivan Black - Great background music for development
Printed images are supplied framed (simple black frame) and the price includes delivery and packaging - £140.00.

Unique hand-signed images similar to those shown are also available. If you order one of these I will email you with a link to the unique image so you can preview it before buying - £200.00.

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